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Study Notes:
• If you are interested in pipe smoking I suggest reading Why You Should Smoke A Pipe.
• If you want to try pipe smoking for cheap I suggest reading How To Start Pipe Smoking.
• If you got a pipe and tobacco but don't know what to do next, read Instructions For Use.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Part 2: How to Start Pipe Smoking

(originally posted by The Mad Professor on CigarGeeks forum on 10-3-2011, modified for audience)
How do you start pipe smoking?
So if you read my prior list of reasons to take up pipe smoking you MUST be asking yourself:  "Now how can I begin such a noble craft as pipe smoking for the super-low-introductory price of under $20?!"

Just get yerself:
a "Missouri Meerschaum" Corn Cob pipe = $5 - $8
Matches = $2
a 3-way pipe Tamper = $2 (or a nail or golf tee for free)
Pipe Cleaners = $2
1.5 oz Prince Albert pipe tobacco* = $3 - $8

Go to a tobacco shop with pipe stuff or an online retailer for the MM corn cob and the tamper. The rest can be found at most Rite-Aid, CVS, or other drugstores.

* (Disclaimer - Prince Albert is my recommendation for a first pipe tobacco. Others will have their own recommendation.)

Prince Albert (PA) is good old school American tobacco, without much flavorings and chemicals. It packs easy and burns easy. Its cheap and available everywhere (know as OTC or drug store tobacco). And it tastes pretty good too - slight overtones of hazelnut to me. All of these reasons combined is why I think this is  a good place to start.

 More to come...Next Post: Instructions For Use!

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