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• If you are interested in pipe smoking I suggest reading Why You Should Smoke A Pipe.
• If you want to try pipe smoking for cheap I suggest reading How To Start Pipe Smoking.
• If you got a pipe and tobacco but don't know what to do next, read Instructions For Use.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Part 1: Why You Should Smoke a Pipe

(originally posted by The Mad Professor on CigarGeeks forum on 10-3-2011, modified for audience)
Picking up pipe smoking is cheap and easy, and quite rewarding. Like most endeavors, mastering it takes practice and time, but it's a lot of fun along the way. Don't be discouraged if you read how complicated some advanced smokers can make it, that's how they keep their hobby fun - you should start simple. So….

Why should you smoke a pipe? 
First, it is WAY cheaper per smoke than cigars (or even cigarettes)
You can start smoking a pipe for $10 to $20
Storing pipe tobacco is easy and doesn't need to be humidified (just mason jars)
Many pipes are works of art too
You can mix your own blends
Some pipe blends (Virginias) age very well, similar to cigars but easier
There are nearly as many types of pipe tobacco as there are cigars or beer to chose from - therefore something for everyone
You can relight a pipe long after it went out without affecting the flavor of the tobacco (some smokers will take 2 days to finish a bowl!)
Therefore, you can set your pipe down if you need to cut your smoke short (unlike a cigar or cigarette)

Also, less serious but still true...
Most women love the aroma of aromatic tobaccos
Your wife might let you smoke indoors
A pipe rack looks really impressive on your desk (or in your living room)
It's a good excuse to always have Everclear on hand (used for cleaning)
Your kids will love making crafts with your pipe cleaners
And lastly, pipe smokers are kind and wise... so if your a dumb a%#hole then it will help with your character

There are a few reasons against it too:
PAD and TAD (Pipe Acquisition Disorder/Tobacco Aqc. Dis.) can be ridiculous. Look at an old pipe smokers cellar/collection!
Pipes can cost a lot, and you get what you pay for (within reason) with a new pipe. (Start with estate pipes, don't buy new!)
And maybe one or two more, but you can think of them yourself… I'm trying to get you to smoke a pipe, not quit!

More to come...Next post: How to Start Pipe Smoking!


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